[STYLE] lengthening those legs.



As a sort of introduction to myself, I grew up with a fashionista as a sister, and was greatly influenced by her to also pursue the same field myself. Due to that, I have been putting my incessant shopping to use and have been blowing up my Instagram with hashtags and outfit posts. Recently, I was able to nab two fashion internships; CollegeFashionista® and CollegeFashion®. Therefore, I also decided to make a blog, that people could actually come to and see some of the creativity that I wish to share with the world; at one spot.

Anywho, if you’re wondering why I named this article ‘lengthening the legs’, I have some tips for you guys out there wishing to hide some obvious flabs on the legs and trying to look a bit skinnier and taller.

  1. Try crossing your legs. It’s probably my new technique on my Instagram these days, but putting one leg in front of the other and even pointing your foot (like a ballet tendu) will help hide the inner thigh flabbiness and even hide some of the back leg, resulting in thinner looking legs.
  2. Wear nude or lighter colored heels. As in my picture, I am wearing Madden Girl nude wedges. They are extremely comfortable and the similarity of the color of my heels to my skin tone allows my legs to look lengthened. Contrasting colors to my skin like black heels would cut off my ankles and cause my legs to look shorter.
  3. Wear shorter skirts and shorts. Even though Winter is coming, have you heard of the famous Korean girls who have “Legs of Steel”? In South Korea, it is common to see girls in the middle of snowy weather casually strolling through the streets in their mini-skirts. Talk about crazy! But if they can do it, I’m sure the girl power is universal! SoCal doesn’t even snow anyways! Just make sure to make up for it by wearing a warm top, so you don’t get sick. Shorter skirts and shorts will simply allow for more leg exposure, and more leg exposure means longer legs!

That’s all the tips I have for today, thanks for reading!



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