[STYLE] New favorite Christmas sweater…coat

Yay! It’s that time of year again…


Oh, you thought, I was going to say Christmas…

Well… that too!!!

I recently ordered from one of my old, old websites to shop at, romwe.com, and really treated myself… I bought this new plaid coat-jacket, and I have been wearing it every single day…literally…

Interestingly, it’s basically a long flannel, but the wooly material keeps me pretty warm!

It’s also Christmas colors, which is a plus, because I know what I’m going to be wearing to all the Christmas parties…(wink).

I love this flannel/coat/jacket, sigh, maybe I’ll just call it Bobby, I love Bobby because he covers up to my butt, and then isn’t too bulky on the shoulders to make me look thicker than I already am. Here’s a tip; get jackets/coats/flannels/bobbys that cover your butt! An added bonus to covering your butt is the fact that the long material also covers the outside of your thighs, making your thighs look thinner! Pair with black leggings or pants and you could never go wrong. Cheers for Bobby!


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