[TRAVEL] Nicaragua: Dec. 12th-25th, 2015.


The beautiful city of San Juan Del Sur.


David, Christian,  Miguel, Eli, and I digging our feet in the sand.


The girls of Winter Love 2k15; from left to right: Anna, Evelyn, Christine, me, and Sarah.


Jumping shot at the beach with Christine and Evelyn.


Christine and I with our favorite girl: Madeling.


Madeling receiving the Mejor Alumni Award!


The ever-so-inspiring Missionary Kim; giving her graduation speech in Spanish.

All photo creds. to Josh Yoon.


So, I think after this Winter Love 2k15 missions trip to Nicaragua, I have come to the wish of wanting to say that missions is a lifestyle for me. To say that it is a mere hobby is too unimportant, missions are life-changing experiences.

This winter break, I was called to go to missions to Nicaragua for originally 3 weeks; but emergencies happened and I had to leave early to return home 5 days before my scheduled date. In all things, God works for the good of those who love them; I believe this trip was so beneficial and teaching for me; and I have much insight that I wish to share to all.

How could one with so little, be so happy? Madeling was a girl I met while on missions this winter. She is 8 years old, and her birthday is on April 27th. She was the best friend for me and my friend Christine. We had many days where we did not have much to do, because December is vacation for kids and there is no school. There were many times where Christine and I would go to the gazebo at our base, Jesus Esperanza Iglesia. There Madeling and the two of us would hang out, us asking her countless of questions in our broken Spanish, because we did not know what else we could do. Madeling came to the Iglesia everyday with her mother, who worked at the Iglesia. Somedays she would have her friend Maria, who came occasionally, to play with; other days she would be by herself. Hanging out with Madeling became something I looked forward to everyday; because she was so adorable and also because I wished to cease her loneliness. But I was humbled.

I asked her many times; Madeling, aren’t you bored? She would never say yes. Even though all we did was talk to her or just be next to her in comfortable silence, she was never bored; but always content. I was foolish in thinking I could be the one that caused her not to be lonely, or the one who could play with her. Even without me or Christine, she would be content. Of course, having us with her was a special treat though; that’s what I learned through this trip. Although many times it seemed like we were wasting our days of missions, just lounging about and talking to Madeling, all that was ministry.

Despite the fact that I left Nicaragua urgently, without being able to say bye to Madeling and all the other jovenes, and not even say a proper goodbye to Missionary Kim, my heart is content, knowing that they are content, due to to power of God. We live in a place that is more prone to motivating us to sin. They live in an environment that is closer to what God envisioned for us. A place of humility, content, sharing, serving, kindness, and love.


If you’d like to hear more about my missions trip, please message me or leave a comment below, praise be to God and all to His glory for sending me on this unforgettable missions experience.


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