[musings] 6/15/16

let your wind blow, through me…Jesus be glorified let your wind blow   I love Jenn Johnson. She may not be the most gifted vocalist, but she is so anointed. she loves God.   I am so grateful for this blog. in time of weariness, loneliness, times where I just need to visibly see my … More [musings] 6/15/16

[musings] 6/6/16

what a scary date. anyways   how can you study when all you wanna do is Jesus? but what does that even mean. I don’t want to study, but if I didn’t have to study, then I would just do Jesus. But what does doing Jesus mean to me? It means listening to worship songs, … More [musings] 6/6/16

[musings] 6/5/16

you know I’ve been doing a good job these past few days. I think I’ve been trying my best to heal. but you know it’s true that Satan attacks you when you’re alone.   I’m just here at Biola, trying to get an essay done that I completely forgot aboutย during this week of sufferings. but … More [musings] 6/5/16