[musings] 7/27/16

one thought I have as I pass my one month mark of being in Japan… I want to help the homeless. But before I get into that, I want to talk about a very random topic. dogs. Why? I just wonder. Why did God create dogs…as human’s best friend? Why did He make dogs especially … More [musings] 7/27/16

[musings] 7/25/16

this blog has just become a rant forum HAHA… I need some musings time… listening to Holding Nothing Back by Jesus Culture makes me miss VBS. the freedom…   I get to see my mom in about a month and 5 days! I can’t wait. can’t wait for hot cheetos too. Japanese food gets a … More [musings] 7/25/16

[musings] 7/15/16

just some musings over some thoughts… these days I do think about my past relationship from time to time. it was very short. from 2/17-5/29 so like a little over 3 months. it’s interesting because I think about it occasionally but then when I do try to remember more of the relationship, it feels so … More [musings] 7/15/16

[musings] 7/13/16

I really need a musings post right now… ugh guh guh ugh I really…have so much dilemma going on right now… can I rant about something seemingly insignificant but actually seriously condemning in my life? monolids. God. why. … sigh. I think 90% of this is because of others and 10% of this is my … More [musings] 7/13/16

[musings] 7/7/16

so yeah I think I’ve reached either the zenith, or close to the zenith of my sufferings for this summer trip. basically, feels like hell. I have over 100 bed bug bites on my body; thanks to this cheap hostel and their not too clean beds. I already had 6 mosquito bites on my legs. … More [musings] 7/7/16

[musings] 7/5/16

so… I hate Japan. maybe hate is a strong word. I guess not hate, but I don’t really like Japan. I may be biased…it’s probably because I’m lonely. It’s probably also because I don’t really have much spending money. It’s probably also cause it’s spiritually dead here. It’s such a weird feeling to have–all my … More [musings] 7/5/16