[musings] 7/27/16

Jumped dog shiba inu on snow
Jumped dog shiba inu on snow

one thought I have as I pass my one month mark of being in Japan…

I want to help the homeless.

But before I get into that, I want to talk about a very random topic.



I just wonder. Why did God create dogs…as human’s best friend? Why did He make dogs especially capable of having loyalty to humans, providing laughter and joy to humans, and also providing sorrow? Why did He create them to be especially capable of expressing emotions on their faces such as happiness and sadness? Is it because dog backwards is God?

I’m a cat lover, but this video I saw on Facebook and Youtube broke and stirred my heart. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jqiu8DQS3u0&feature=youtu.be

these dogs are so sad. I’ve seen many videos of sad situations for animals, but this one kind of touched me a lot. Maybe because the video called them “homeless” dogs. And these days, I’ve witnessed many homeless in Japan, and they have been roaming around my thoughts the most in terms of wanting to do something in Japan.

I have fun everyday. I don’t necessarily want to do anything here. I already have fun everyday, there’s no wanting to have fun because it’s granted. So the only emotion that I’ve been feeling necessarily these days is the wish to be able to help these random homeless people I see everyday.

I think I will buy lunch tomorrow and eat it with the homeless people I see everyday next to my work. I can’t really speak Japanese that well but hopefully they will understand the language of love.

We’ve been studying the UN SDG’s at our English Camp. I always tell my group members every week that my favorite goal is ending poverty. Why? Because I witnessed my family helping starving children my whole life. It stirs me up a lot.

I think God really softened my heart a lot. He gave me a lot of compassion, especially for the homeless, the starving, the orphaned, the widowed, the poor, the weak, the disabled, the lonely, the helpless, the heartbroken…

I wish I could help people.

I want to be a great influence one day so that I can use my influence to help the world.


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