[musings] 8/12/16


The longer I live in Tokyo, the more I realize that I don’t really want to live in Japan.

When I thought about why, I came to the conclusion that I don’t need anything In Japan. Japan offers me nothing I need.

but today I realized something. Japan needs me.


yesterday I literally preached the gospel to my english camp students. they were asking me about my life, and I could not reply without Jesus Christ; as always has been happening during my stay here in Tokyo. I told them why Christians love others (because He first loved us), and I shared with them my life verse (salt and light) and encouraged them to read the Bible and go to church. They were extremely interested; especially a student named Sayuki. They were very thankful and grateful for my “inspiring” words.

I was kind of mind-blown at the easy opportunity God gave me to preach to nonbelievers. I mean, I didn’t really ask for it in the first place, because I’m selfish and I didn’t think of it. But God gave me the opportunity so I was like, what the heck, and just explained to them who God was.

Today was our last day of English Camp. Stumbling around for words to say to encourage them before we parted, I asked them if they had any questions about America or any advice for the future. Sayuki then, thinking for a few seconds, spoke up and asked me, “How do I join Christians?”

I couldn’t believe my ears. dumbfounded.

It was the first time I witnessed someone who wanted to learn more about Jesus, through my own efforts (God using me of course).

I was so joyful in my heart. So much joy overpouring. I stumbled around and told her about Lifehouse Church (the Hillsong-planted church that I’ve been attending here in Tokyo) and that there were surprisingly many churches in Tokyo; just look for a cross.

I probably am the most useless vessel; especially as one who stumbles under pressure and probably doesn’t say the most useful things; but I hope and pray that seeds were planted today. I pray that they are eternal seeds.


Japan has been a pretty invaluable experience so far in my life. I’ve learned many things; how to cook takoyaki, how to gut a fish for sashimi, how to navigate through a complicated subway system, how to low-key evangelize in a place where evangelizing is not on the agenda, and meeting different kinds of people.

It’s been interesting meeting new people and learning about their different ideas of faith and of morals in the world. I’ve met far too many feminists, much gender neutral supporters, some stand-offish Christians, and far too many unbelievers.

It’s so interesting to see my outpouring of faith drawing out faith from others.

It’s so interesting to see my outpouring of faith result in an interest in God.

And honestly, I did this on my own (me and God). I don’t got no team, no church backing me, no leader, no guide. It was difficult, really. I didn’t even think of this trip as a missions trip, but alas, I really think it was. It was an example of a missional life.

My faith sure led me on a rollercoaster during this Japan trip.


Haha, today my personality sort of came out. I was MCing for our closing ceremony, and I decided to throw in some jokes, because one of my personality traits is loving to make others feel comfortable and even laugh. Well, because of my clumsy Japanese and try-hard jokes, I did cause some laughter, thank God. And people afterwards were like, who are you and what have you done to Selah, because this whole time I think I’ve just been mellow.

I think I really shine when I’m on stage. Haha, after all, that’s my favorite place, and I’d like to say it’s where I belong. I love being on stage.

Sucks that the internship is ending when I’m now starting to show my real side, hehe. But I’m happy. I’m sort of getting burnt out.

9 days left in Japan. I am excited.

time to go workout now…it’s almost been 4 weeks since I’ve started running mostly everyday. At first I started with 2 miles a day. Then I changed to 3 miles a day (5k). Now I’m running 3 miles a day and 3 sets of 25 squats. How difficult it is to get fit. *crying


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