[musings] 8/14/16


I probably made the most embarrassing mistake;

I replied to a message I got on Facebook, after I saw the name, and casually replied because I thought it was my friend. Turns out, it was one of those facebook friends whom you add because you have mutual friends, not that you really know them, and he had the exact same name as my other closer friend. I ended up talking deep with someone I didn’t even know.

He first casually asked me, “hows japan,” to which I answered with some of my deep spiritual insights.

And then he told me that he didn’t understand the need for religion and someone to believe in.

wait wait what?

Who is this guy?


it’s not my friend…it’s someone I don’t even know!!! Why do they have the same exact name?!?!

But anyways…

I was led again to the familiar discussion of why I believe in God.

and I am messaging this person as I write this blog post.


but I just wanna say, God, why does this keep happening to me…?

I say this in laughter, not in spite.

Why do I keep getting opportunities to talk to nonbelievers, when I don’t even ask?

God is sure sneaky…


I just poured out my heart unto this guy after asking the Holy Spirit for what to say, and he sort of just blew me off (in a gentle way). Oh well.

I keep getting chances to share who I am. And who God is. This is probably from prayers being answered in my mad pursuit of Jesus in my spring quarter.

God, I am glad that You keep giving me ministry opportunities.

Ah, that’s it! These are ministry opportunities! Now I know what’s going on…

I kept asking God for ministry opportunities, and here they are…

Now I realize that this is what ministry is in Japan…

Japan really is an individual Christian ball-game.

More than a mass revival effort (these people don’t know what Christianity is), these people need individuals reaching out. Of course, it’s more difficult and takes much more effort, but it needs to be done. If God is going to gather a remnant from every tribe and nation, I don’t think He would be satisfied with just 2% from Japan…


Haha I guess now I should think twice before posting Jesus posts…

But why should I?

Anywho, someone just defriended me on Facebook. Just makes me think about all the people who are offended by my joyful posts on all God has done for me. Boy, they are sure missing out!


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