Beyonce x Bethel.


so Beyonce is so amazing that her stylist sends stylists to get Beyonce nice clothes, and today my manager just casually said that Beyonce’s stylist would be dropping by today. I was kind of caught off guard, but I realized that things like this would be more frequent.

I was surfing on facebook when indeed an italian man shows up and my manager starts giving him a tour of the showroom himself. He never does this; I realized this was Beyonce after all, we needed all hands on deck so my manager and I trailed this man around our showroom, explaining each collection and guesstimating whether Beyonce would fit this or that (now I know her size!).

Eventually he picks over 30 pieces of clothing (the most I’ve ever seen any stylist take) and leaves saying he would send someone else to pick the clothes up later.

Meanwhile I look over the mountain of clothes looming over me and slowly begin to start; knowing that it would take me well over 30 minutes to scan and prepare everything for pickup.

well, only ten minutes later, another seemingly foreign but actually American man comes in sort of flamboyantly and greets me warmly introducing himself. He is here to pickup Beyonce’s clothes. I tell him, oh shoot, it’s gonna take another 15 minutes at the least, and he totally chills out and tells me it’s all good and takes a seat.

I silently scan the clothes and place them in garment bags, when he begins to make conversation with me.

“Where are you from?”

“Oh, near Long Beach. How about you?”

“I’m near the Bay Area. A place called Redding.”

“Oh wow, I know that place!”

“No way, how?”

“This church and music team I really love called Bethel has a church there, I don’t know if you know them?”

“OMG no way….? I used to work with Bethel. I did all the tour publications, the performance preps, and a lot of backstage work with them for many years. They’re basically my family. So you’re a believer? Wow, I’m so amazed to meet another believer in this industry!”

and our conversation just bloomed off, and we realized we both were called to this industry to be a light and that God needed us here and it wouldn’t be easy, but everything worthwhile was meant to be tough.

He totally encouraged me and blessed me tremendously, showing me that indeed, I wasn’t alone. God is with me in this tough place, AND there are others who are also running the race, silent for now, but soon to shine brightly.

He invited me to his Wednesday services and told me to totally keep in touch. So my first connection in the industry, a believer.

Later on, whilst helping him load his car, he asked me what my name was (you forget, it happens), and I told him it was Selah. He asked me what it meant, and I chose the most obvious definition out of the many that it meant “to pause, and reflect.”

Then he proceeded to say, “No, it is much more than that. Have you looked into the Hebrew translation? It means to rest in God and believe that He overwhelms us with His rest, peacefulness. And I see so much rest in you, the moment I saw you I felt like you had so much rest in God. It is for sure prophetic.”

And I proceeded to thank him, to keep thanking him for such encouragement. Why? Because I’m so happy that I have found my rest in God. Even in tough situations, in this summer where I have been kind of lost, unsure of my passions, unsteady with my spirituality, God is assuring me that I have no other home but with Him. I find my rest in Him.

Thank You God!!! You are so surprising. I never expected this at all today. Wow. Thank You. Thank You. Thank You.



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