[Selahbrate] Japan arrival video and updates!

Hello people who read my blog! Haha!

I’ve decided to revamp my blog and really get it back up and going again~

I’ve been on like a 2 year hiatus with this blog and I really wanted to restart it and update it with everything I’ve been doing in my life!

So… in the last year I started a Youtube channel!

With my dreams of wanting to become an entertainer, I’ve decided to take my own steps and start uploading real content! For now I just have vlogs and travel videos, but eventually I wish to start uploading my own music videos. At first I will begin covering other artists’ music videos and then if I get some awareness and viewers, I will try to make connections and produce my own legitimate content. That is such an amazing goal, I can’t wait to get there!

But now I’ve decided to add one more section to my blogs; on top of Travel, Musings, God, Style, I am now adding Selahbrate which is my Youtube Channel!

Please watch and repost, and share, and let’s get this Selahbrate Movement going πŸ™‚

***My vision behind Selahbrate is to create a channel which combines my artistic dreams of pursuing music and entertainment with my own hopes of bringing more hope, joy, and fulfillment to the world of today that is saturated by unhealthy media and unsatisfying stories. I want to spread hopeful videos from a hopeful perspective that will bring people joy and will also serve as a facet for my own dreams of becoming an artist.



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