[musings] 06/01/18 money becomes more valuable as you earn it, yet grows less valuable as you use it

Today I went to Boba Loca in La Palma.

I went here so much when I was in middle and high school, to buy Boba, to hang out with my friends, to waste time, to play cards, and to get out of the summer heat.

Prices are pretty cheap here, around three to four bucks for a regular size, and four to five for a large size. I never thought twice about my orders and would always usually order a regular sized slush or smoothie.

Today I came with a friend I met in college. As of today, I am in my last year of college, in my last two weeks of college, with a steady part-time job, and with a job lined up post-grad.

Today I decided to order a large.

I realized something.

Money increases in value the more you work for it, yet decreases in value at the same time.

When we were young, money was so precious because there was not enough of it. We were held by strict allowances, no back-up bank accounts, and we knew we had to survive off of a fixed amount until we would receive some pocket money again at the beginning of the next week (if we were privileged to of course). We used it sparingly, always looking at the prices.

Today, as I do have a comfortable amount of money in the bank, and I do have a biweekly income, and I work hard for my money, I feel more comfortable about spending it. I’m not as uptight as I was in middle and high school.

Yet today, I work hard for my money. Money is important, and I know that I need to work hard to have enough because I have more problems and more problems is more money. Yet today, money is of less value than it was to me when I was younger because I have enough. I can order a large because money has lost its value when I realized that I had enough to be comfortable.



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