Beyonce x Bethel.

so Beyonce is so amazing that her stylist sends stylists to get Beyonce nice clothes, and today my manager just casually said that Beyonce’s stylist would be dropping by today. I was kind of caught off guard, but I realized that things like this would be more frequent. I was surfing on facebook when indeed … More Beyonce x Bethel.

[musings] 10/31/16

happy Halloween!!! I just felt like writing a blog post because of the many changes going on in my life. I feel like this is a transition season in my life…whatever the past season was, it was crazy, and now it’s apparently coming to an end. I’ve just been going through a lot of hardships … More [musings] 10/31/16

[musings] 10/24/16

yeah, I guess this has become something sort of like a once a month thing now, sorry… life has been super busy honestly… but I guess I’m writing again, because guess what!!! I have problems. dang! such new news, huh. life is so difficult. and everyone around me says the same thig   nevermind. God … More [musings] 10/24/16

[musings] 9/27/16

I feel like God is telling me to journal, so here I am… Greetings. It’s been a while once again. I guess I’m not as active as I was able to be this past summer. Yeah, like usual, I am here again, straightforward with dilemmas. As I thought I was getting over one mountain, here … More [musings] 9/27/16

[musings] 9/15/16

hello. wow. it’s been over a month since my last post! surreal. extremely surreal. but wow. what a hell of a month it has been. I think this past month has been either the most or the second most difficult month of my life. I firmly believe that I am getting attacked by Satan, nonstop. … More [musings] 9/15/16